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Your profits rely on the safety and health of your team. Without them, you can’t open your doors, much less earn returns on your investment. The UK has a strong list of regulations that all employers are required to fulfil, so your response to potential hazards is more than just ethically-sound. It’s also a legal mandate you’re required to fulfil. The UK government has made this aspect of your responsibilities as accessible as possible by introducing guidelines for introductory health and safety. The IOSH Working Safely course covers that input as well as the qualification your workers need complete the Health and Safety Executive’s passport syllabus. If you’re hoping to help your team to apply for a CSCS Labourers’ Card, IOSH is an accepted qualification.

The IOSH Working Safely course has an incredibly wide scope. It’s designed for a huge range of industries all over the world. Your freshly-qualified team will be more productive, respected, and competent. IOSH is designed for workers and supervisors alike. It’s jargon-free and accessible to both new and experienced teams. Working Safely will cover several key areas:

  • An introduction to safe work practices, occupational safety, and health
  • Learning to define and identify hazards and risks
  • How to improve safety performance
  • Strategies to work in ways that protect the environment.

IOSH Working Safely is a one-day course that’s delivered interactively with the help of animations and case studies. This increases its impact and scope. We encourage students to work through real situations so that they don’t merely learn facts, but how to apply them as well. We leverage the most innovative training tools available today, incorporating assessments into the course so that you don’t need to factor another lost workday into the process. Working Safely has earned a reputation for high impact training. A fun environment is an easy learning environment, so that’s precisely the atmosphere we foster.

The working safely course is appropriate for any industry and level of expertise. This is one of the simplest ways to equip your staff with the health and safety qualifications they need to function well.

Working safely: in brief

  • A one-day course offering all the basics in a high impact interactive package
  • Fantastic quality animated graphics
  • Designed to be fun and get people fully involved and interested
  • Jargon-free technical content based on what people need to know in practice, not off-putting legal language
  • Clear scenarios drawn from genuine work situations to drive home practical points
  • The very latest training tips and suggestions – from grabbing and retaining attention to maximising the training experience and making sure key points are taken on board
  • Assessments built into the day’s training – no need for follow-on tests on separate days, taking up valuable work time

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IOSH Working Safely  

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