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The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has been making working conditions safer since 1945. Today, it’s the biggest safety and health membership body in the world, boasting 42,000 members in 85 countries. There is no other chartered organisation in its niche, so its safety and health courses are an important global driver of change. IOSH is always developing new insights and tools so that its trainees are equipped to deal with all aspects of productivity as new best practices emerge.

IOSH courses are designed to reduce absentee days due to sickness and improve productivity levels. They’re structured for employers and employees alike, so its unsurprising that 160,000 people do IOSH training every year.

IOSH health and safety training courses generalise for any industry, niche, and organisation. At Common Sense Safety Solutions, we offer its two most important courses, delivered by our IOSH-approved providers. This way, we can achieve the highest education standards possible. When you complete one of our IOSH courses, you become part of a crucial global movement towards better health.

IOSH courses are crafted for any sector in any country. They’re quality controlled by IOSH itself and delivered flexibly to suit any business. The certification they provide is respected on a global stage. Both of our courses are taught through case studies, memorable scenarios, and interactive discussions. Gamification and quizzes maximise data retention and increase the scope of learning. IOSH training offers tangible, profit-driven benefits. It heightens productivity, improves safety awareness culture, and drives effective hazard response. Managers and employees who’ve completed the Managing Safely course are given the knowledge they need to measure and improve upon their results continuously, so one IOSH course will foster a lifetime of self-improvement.

IOSH training is taught in a vibrant, casual environment, with dynamic quizzes and interactive discussions to deepen learning potential. Successful candidates receive globally-recognised certification that will serve them well throughout their careers. All training courses are delivered through fun presentations, board games, and sophisticated learning tools.


IOSH Managing Safely

The three-day Managing Safely course is the market leader in line management training. Its methods have been tested throughout the world, so you’ll leave fully equipped with workplace knowledge that’s been evolving for a quarter of a century. You’ll learn how to improve safety awareness in ways that add value to both your reputation and productivity. The course includes:

  • Risk assessment and control
  • Understanding managerial safety responsibilities
  • Hazard identification
  • Accident and incident investigations
  • Performance measurements

IOSH Working Safely

The one-day IOSH Working Safely course teaches IOSH principles from an employee perspective. Workers are taught through easy-to-remember checklists, videos, quizzes, and case studies. Candidates will learn how to self-assess so that your workplace can maintain its safety standards in a hands-free, proactive way. Technical content is delivered without jargon and through real workplace scenarios. Delegates are taught how to:

  • Work safely
  • Identify and define common hazards
  • Improve safety performance
  • Develop skills that protect our environment

IOSH Managing Safely  

IOSH Working Safely  

IOSH Courses

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