General Health and Safety Awareness

Course Overview:

In 2019, RIDDOR reported almost 70,000 non-fatal workplace injuries in the UK alone. Labour Force Survey data counted an additional 581, 000 self-reported injuries, but not all workers make it out alive. Great Britain experiences circa 150 fatal workplace injuries a year. Beyond the tragedy of lost lives, this opens you up to legal action, so health and safety management is a crucial part of business growth.

Information and lack of communication is the biggest barrier between you and an injured worker. The more educated your staff are about safer work practices and the PPE that lies behind them, the lower your injury risk will become. Our General Health and Safety Awareness course addresses this barrier. It informs your workers about their role in health and safety legislation so that they have a comprehensive understanding of how to recognise hazards and prevent them.

Defining and Understanding Workplace Accidents

You can’t address a hazard you don’t know how to identify, so the course creates a sturdy foundation before moving onto health and safety monitoring. At this stage of learning, your workers will grow to appreciate the defining aspects of workplace accidents and their cost. When they have a thorough understanding of the hazards and behaviours that cause workplace accidents, we will explore preventative measures. Every proactive injury prevention strategy includes:

  • Safety awareness
  • An understanding of how musculoskeletal and other disorders can cause workplace injuries.
  • The importance of alertness and how to avoid fatigue.
  • An understanding of how an orderly, tidy workplace can prevent injuries.
  • Information on identifying safety hazards and performing inspections
  • The correct use of personal protective equipment

Health and Safety Legislation has evolved for decades, so it covers all aspects of workplace injuries. The better your workers understand what the regulations require, the more proactively  they can avoid  accidents and incidents in the workplace. We’ll address this part of the course from the perspective of both Employers and Employees. All levels of the organisation should have an in-depth understanding of their responsibilities when it comes to health and safety management. When emergencies occur, employees will search for guidance, so strong leadership is the core of every safety strategy. We’ll build competency into your managerial response while simultaneously giving your workers the education they need to respond effectively when things go wrong.

Health and Safety Policies

Every workplace is like a petri dish of unique hazards, and they replicate with every expression of indifference. That means national legislation isn’t enough. You also need a unique health and safety policy that addresses your business, including your statement of intent, safety responsibilities, and approach to risk management. At the end of the day, your workers will become more goal-driven about their accident reduction and work-related illnesses. They’ll be equipped to reduce civil claims and meet the standards required to achieve accreditation.

Health and Safety Monitoring

A robust health and safety monitoring plan includes every aspect of workplace health, from basic COVID policies to comprehensive fire suppression strategies. Occupational inspections should address poisoning, disease, and general safety risks. Your management team should also know how to monitor PPE compliance and work area inspections. The General Health and Safety Awareness Course will cover all monitoring responsibilities, including correct reporting procedures.

It is a legal requirement that business’ Directors are responsible for developing, documenting (where there are 5 or more employees) and communicating your health and safety policy to all employees. The health and safety course will achieve that goal in one fell swoop. More importantly, it gives every participant the skill to enact your policy through intelligent supervision. This way, The Health and Safety at Work Act will leak into every corner of your business. Education can change lives, and it can revolutionise your business, too.

Course Duration:
Half Day

Max Delegates Per Session:

Course Content:

  • Accidents – definition, cost, cause and prevention
  • Health and Safety Legislation
  • Managerial Responsibility
  • Employees’ duties
  • Health and Safety Policies
  • Managing Health and Safety
  • Legislation
  • Competent Persons
  • Health and Safety Monitoring

Course Venue:
This course can be delivered at either on site at your venue or at our Deeside training centre.

This course will earn each candidate an attendance certificate as confirmation of training.

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