Fire Awareness Training

The Importance of Fire Awareness Training

A fire doubles in size within only half a minute. Give it three minutes of inaction, and the entire room will be gutted. Even so, an average of five minutes passes between an emergency call and the fire department’s arrival, so fire awareness is all that stands between you and utter catastrophe. There’s a reason fire safety has its own regulations (The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005). A 999 call simply isn’t enough.

If you control business premises, the law requires you to equip your employees with the appropriate fire training. This should include more than fire evacuation drills. It’s your staff who will perform the most important fire control measures during the first five minutes of ignition. The better educated they are, the safer your business will be.

Identifying the Cause

There are many causes of fire both at home and in the workplace. 20% of fire are down to poor electrical installations and/or appliances.

A misapplied carbon dioxide fire extinguisher will turn a controlled blaze into a crisis. Use a water-based extinguisher incorrectly, and you could cause an explosion. Electrical fires should never be treated with water, which conducts power and could cause electrocution. In short, no fire awareness strategy can be effective if your workers can’t identify the cause of a fire.

Causation has a more important element. Without it, your staff has no preventative power. Our Fire Awareness Training Course will cover the following:

  • What causes fires
  • The fire triangle
  • Types of fire and method of extinction
  • The fire plan
  • Fire precautions
  • Actions to be taken in the event of a fire
  • Recognition and operation of fire extinguishers

The Fire Triangle

If all fires were identical, far fewer buildings would burn down. The fire triangle encourages workers to address causation rather than effect. It’s a basic model illustrating the three most common ingredients of every fire. Ignition requires three contributors: an oxidising agent, heat, and fuel. Add a chemical reaction to the mix, and you have a fire. Remove any of the three elements in the triangle, and you can control or prevent a fire. Fire awareness training will give your staff an in-depth understanding of all these elements so that they can approach every fire with an analytic mind.

Fire Plans and Precautions

Once the course has addressed causation, it will move onto the correct response. We’ll cover a detailed fire safety plan that outlines each phase of response, including:

  • The correct approach to maintenance and housekeeping as fire prevention strategies.
  • How fires should be controlled to minimise damage.
  • Emergency procedures to sound the alarm and notify the fire department.
  • A safe and orderly evacuation strategy, including assisting those who can’t evacuate without help.
  • How to maintain and use all of your fire protection and extinguishing equipment.

Every business is exposed to different triggers, so we’ll cover this material as it applies to your unique hazards and building layout. Prevention, as always, is better than cure, so we’ll also cover precautions that will minimise your fire risk. By the end of the course, your staff will know how to recognise and operate your fire extinguishers.

There are more than 300 workplace fires every year, and every second counts. There’s no time to wonder about the correct approach to extinguishers or the right number to call. Employees must be equipped to act immediately and without uncertainty. Fire awareness saves lives. It might save your business one day, too. The Fire Awareness Training course will teach your staff to think analytically about every phase of a fire, from the hazards that cause ignition to the correct approach to suppression and evacuation. In half a day, you will give your business its best chance of survival. Your profits should be spent on growth, after all, not repairs after an all-consuming fire.

Half day

Delegate Numbers:
Maximum 12

This course can be run on site or at our training centre.

Who is it for?
Any full or part-time employee or contractors working on a site

Note: On completion of the course the delegates will receive a certificate of attendance

Fire safety training courses are also available via our online training portal.

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