Fire Safety Training

The UK experiences half a million fire-related incidents every year. Fire hazards are all around you. They hide in your circuit boards, sneak into your wiring, and accumulate in the combustible materials you store. In 2020, fire damage repairs cost the government 3.13 billion GBP, and that’s without the considerable expenses the business world handles every month. When a blaze strikes, it’s your expense account that will run empty, so fire safety training is crucial to your brand’s survival.

Fire Safety Training in Three Core Courses

Fires are the most disruptive event your business will ever face, so we’ve put together a suite of key fire safety training and management courses to cover every aspect of your regulatory requirements.

Fire Awareness Training

Fires double in size within a mere 30 seconds, so awareness is all that lies between you and a devastating blaze. The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order holds every business responsible for managing its risks. By law, your business is required to recruit a responsible individual to implement fire protection arrangements, including risk control, mitigation, safe handling techniques, and risk reduction. The Fire Awareness Training Course is the first step towards aligning yourself with the law. We’ll educate your designated staff in three broad areas:

  • Identifying hazards: The wrong fire extinguisher can turn a minor smoulder into a full-blown blaze, so fire awareness training will teach your staff how to identify causation and match the right extinguisher to the situation.
  • The Fire Triangle: Every fire has a unique set of ignition contributors and causes. If your staff can remove just one component from that triangle, they can control or prevent a crisis.
  • Fire plans and precautions: This leg of the journey moves beyond causation. We’ll empower your staff to strategise a response through emergency procedures, evacuations, and more.
Fire Safety Training

Fire Marshal Training

Every British workspace is required to have fire marshals on their worksite, but that doesn’t mean you need to employ a specialised marshal. It’s often more pocket-friendly to train designated employees for this duty. The Fire Marshal Training course can be completed in only half a day and covers three core areas of fire safety:

  • Fire safety laws
  • Building safety features
  • Fire hazard identification

Nobody understands your hazards as well as your own staff. The Fire Marshal Training course builds on that in-depth knowledge so that hazardous behaviours can be eliminated before they evolve into crises. At the end of the course, your staff will have a working knowledge of fire laws, safety features, risk assessments, and safe evacuation practices.

Fire Risk Assessment

The UK Fire Authority is no longer responsible for providing fire certificates. The role now falls on the shoulders of the site occupier or duty holder. The Fire Risk Assessment course is structured to help you cope with that adjustment. It will teach your designated employees how to perform a comprehensive risk assessment. This crucial part of your fire safety training covers eight key components:

  • Principles of fire safety legislation.
  • Understanding the purpose of a risk assessment.
  • Fire theory and terminology.
  • Components of a functional risk assessment.
  • Evacuation routes.
  • How to keep escape points well-lit and unobstructed.
  • How to raise alarm.
  • How to fight a fire.

By the end of these three courses, you’ll be equipped to monitor, control, and respond to your unique fire hazards. Recovering from a fire is expensive and disruptive at best. At worst, the fatalities are devastating. Don’t become a statistic.

Fire Awareness Training  

Fire Risk Assessment  

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