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The construction industry provides approximately 220,000 new jobs in the UK every year, and that’s apart from the 727,000 self-employed workers in the sector. The industry is in a constant state of evolution. Trade cycles change. Client attitudes and environmental factors evolve. Contract placement becomes increasingly automated, and construction technology becomes more innovative. For that reason, the training you offer must come directly from the source of those advances. Cskills Awards is that source. As the UK’s top awarding organisation in the construction sector, its safety, welfare, and environmental wellness training maintains close ties with the government and construction industry leaders. The enterprise is the training leg of the Construction Industry Training Board, which is the beating heart of the local industry.

Our CITB Courses will keep your workers at the cusp of industry growth. They incorporate the crucial insights of Cskills Awards and Common Sense Safety Solutions Ltd. Each course uses real time experiences to encourage the learning process in memorable ways. We’ll give your trainees a comprehensive understanding of today’s industry and tomorrow’s possibilities. All CTB courses can be delivered in a classroom setting or remotely, ensuring flexibility to meet your needs.

Our courses are suitable for:

  • Bricklayers and other labourers
  • Painters and decorators
  • Wood worker trades and fit outs
  • Administrative and technical staff
  • Electricians and installers
  • And more

We offer the following CITB Courses:


CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course

This course is tailored towards beginners who are preparing to earn a CSCS Labourer’s Card and senior managers who are about to enter the construction industry.  It will include training on:

  • The responsibilities that workers must fulfil to keep themselves and others safe on the job.
  • Common construction hazards and how to prevent them.
  • Manual handling and working at height.
  • Occupational health and legal requirements.
  • Manual handling.
  • Safe strategies for managing work equipment and PPE.

The CITB course is also appropriate for staff who work indirectly to your work site. It will give delivery drivers and administrative workers the skills they need to access your construction sites. Your logistics strategy will benefit enormously from this kind of training. This is a one-day introductory course, so your workers will learn without disrupting your productivity levels. All it takes is seven to eight hours and an interest in learning. Certification will last two years, after which your team will need to retake the test.

CITB Site Managers Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)

The five-day SMSTS course teaches construction workers and managers the robust Health and Safety Laws of the UK industry. It’s an indispensable step towards learning the Approved Code of Practice for the Construction Regulations of 2015. It addresses the latest civil engineering and construction legislation. Once your team has completed it, they will have working knowledge of health and safety laws. If you don’t have the staff complement to support dedicated project overseers, SMSTS will help your construction staff to fill the role.

An SMSTS-trained work site is efficient, eco-friendly, and resistant to hazards. It addresses everything from electrical safety and environmental waste to asbestos handling and time management. Your workers will also learn how to prepare method statements to fuel an easy auditing process.

CITB SMSTS Refresher

Once your workers have earned their SMSTS qualification, our two-day CITB Site Managers Safety Training Scheme refresher course will keep their knowledge up to date. The course covers the latest construction legislation and safety strategies. It will also show your workers how to conduct risk assessments and monitor safety performance.

Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (CITB SSSTS)

This two-day course is designed specifically for supervising site foremen and chargehands. It teaches your management team how to foster a culture of safety through legislation and best practices. It provides an outline of hazards and the PPE that addresses them, so you can wave goodbye to injury treatment and say hello to accident prevention instead. Like most CITB courses, it covers safety legislation and PPE, but it adds a few extra skills to your arsenal. Those who’ve completed this training will know how to follow the provisions and Use of Work Equipment Legislation. As a leadership qualification, it also covers monitoring techniques and management skills. If you’re looking to upskill your construction teams, this is an excellent first step.

CITB SSSTS Refresher

The one-day SSSTS refresher course will allow your supervisors to reapply for their certification. In the past, workers had a six-month grace period for completing the course. That allowance has been dissolved, so the SSSTS refresher is a crucial component of your competitive advantage. In just one day, it will cover health and safety law, supervisory skills, and safety requirements.

CITB Health & Safety Awareness  

CITB SMSTS (Refresher)  

CITB SSSTS (Refresher)  



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